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Unofficial Fiero Quarter Mile Database

# name et@mph engine transmission
184Fiero2M4[email protected]2.5 L4Manual Muncie
2Befarrer[email protected]2.5 L4
3Banditbalz[email protected]2.8 V6
4Arns85GT[email protected]2.8 V6Manual Muncie
5anthony_86gt[email protected]2.8 V6Manual Getrag
6David Bartlett[email protected]2.8 V6
7Sqoach[email protected]2.8 V6
8Fierochic88[email protected]2.8 V6
9Fierobsessed[email protected]2.8 V6Manual Getrag
10rynelson[email protected]2.8 V6
11KKell83[email protected]2.8 V6Manual Muncie
121FST2M6[email protected]2.8 V6 with NitrousAuto TH-125
13shaun hammit[email protected]2.8 V6 with NitrousAuto TH-125
14Jncomutt[email protected]2.8 V6 with Nitrous
15Capt. Fiero[email protected]2.8 V6 with Nitrous
16RotrexFiero[email protected]2.8 V6 with SC
17spearce[email protected]2.8 V6 with TurboManual Getrag
18Pyrthian[email protected]3.1 V6Auto TH-125
19FieroMaster88[email protected]3.1 V6 with NitrousManual Isuzu
20fieromadman[email protected]3.4 DOHCManual Getrag
21Darth Fiero[email protected]3.4 DOHCManual Getrag
22Mike Kaas[email protected]3.4 DOHCManual Getrag
23MattHawkins[email protected]3.4 DOHC with Turbo
24donk316[email protected]3.4 V6Manual Muncie
25LoW_KeY[email protected]3.4 V6
26Fierochic88[email protected]3.4 V6
27Coop88[email protected]3.4 V6Manual Getrag
28JB1[email protected]3800 SC Series I with NitrousAuto 4T60E
29FieroX[email protected]3800 SC Series IIAuto 4T60E
30DonKraus[email protected]3800 SC Series IIAuto 4T65E
31MNFiero3800[email protected]3800 SC Series IIAuto 4T65E-HD
32LILDV1L[email protected]3800 SC Series IIAuto 4T65E
33LFiero67[email protected]3800 SC Series IIAuto 4T60E
34FASTFIEROS[email protected]3800 SC Series IIAuto 4T65E
35NOS3800[email protected]3800 SC Series IIAuto 4T60E
36custom84cp[email protected]3800 SC Series II
37TimGully[email protected]3800 SC Series II
38Freshj[email protected]3800 SC Series IIAuto 4T65E-HD
39Fiero38SC[email protected]3800 SC Series II
40Hugh[email protected]3800 SC Series II
41dizmon_85GT[email protected]3800 SC Series IIAuto 4T65E-HD
42V8Dreamer[email protected]3800 SC Series IIAuto 4T60E
43Rare87GT[email protected]3800 SC Series IIAuto 4T65E-HD
44Eric_PA[email protected]3800 Series IManual Getrag
45The Adjuster[email protected]3800 Series IIAuto 4T60E
46Darth Fiero[email protected]3800 Series II with TurboAuto 4T60E
47RockCrawl[email protected]4.9 CaddyManual Muncie
48Fieroking[email protected]4.9 Caddy
49Line Noise[email protected]4.9 CaddyAuto 4T60E
50MasterTunerAkimoto[email protected]4.9 Caddy with NitrousManual Isuzu
51Her86GT[email protected]4.9 Caddy with NitrousAuto 4T60
52Calikid[email protected]L98 SBCManual Getrag
53Mr. Pat[email protected]LT1Auto 4T60E
54Will[email protected]Northstar V8Manual Getrag
55Chris Moore[email protected]Northstar V8
56FIERO1985[email protected]SBC 350Manual Muncie
57Jim Ronald[email protected]SBC 350 TPIAuto TH-125
58cardealer[email protected]SBC 350 with NitrousAuto TH-425
59Tina[email protected]SBC 383Manual Isuzu
60Troy Ritchie[email protected]SBC 383 with Nitrous
61vortecfiero[email protected]Vortec 4.3 V6
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