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2016 Update

Car has been in storage for the last couple of years as life has happened. If anyone is interested in purchasing the car, drop me an email: [email protected]

5/1/06 Update

Looks like phase III Fiero is underway...

3/19/06 Update

Took some pictures by the lake, take a peek here

3/16/06 Update

Finally got the front suspension in and aligned. Didn't align as well as I would have liked. I'm led to believe that my alignment guy is lazy and as a result my alignment sucks. When I picked up the car he asked me if it was possible to adjust caster or camber on the front suspension with my new tubular setup... meaning he clearly didn't touch either. Now, if he took 5 minutes to look he would have realized that I was using stock ball joints which are slotted for camber alignment, and furthermore I told him to call me if something didn't align to within spec.

Needless to say, when I picked up the car and looked at the alignment sheet the front caster was at 0.5 degrees or so, when it's recommended to be with 3 to 7 degrees. Lovely, that would explain why the car pulls to the right like the world is coming to a corner.

On a side note, last time I had my car aligned by this guy, one of the rear coil springs popped out of the pocket when he lifted it, and he didn't check that it seated before he set it down and set the camber on the rear. The car aligned sitting 2" crooked. Lovely, he fixed this after I reseated the rear spring.

As for the suspension, it rides very nice, better then I ever expected. I just have to find a new alignment shop that will be careful with my car and not be so lazy when it comes to getting the job done. I think slotting the upper control arm will be the ticket to getting reasonable caster alignment.

Now, for my second problem: the transmission. She's dying. I've tried to prolong her life as much as I could from switching trans fluid to shimming the hell out of the accumulators to really firm up the shift points. It slips at WOT on 1-2 and 2-3 shifts and bounces off the rev limiter once or twice or a split second later when I let off. Looks like the only real solution is to switch to the 4T65E-HD and OBD-II computer.

1/31/06 Update

I got my front suspension done and it's about as perfect as it could be given my constraints. Upper and lower control arms done. Shock mount has been fabricated. Shocks/springs have arrived and fit perfect.

Only outstanding question is... will it align? Only time will tell. Next thing on my plate is to get these out to the powdercoater and then come home and install, align, and drive!

Wanna see? Take a peek.

At the moment it looks like I'm going to try and go on the Hot Rod Power Tour again this year... this time with my car. Anyone else going? If you have a fiero or are in the Milwaukee/Chicago area drop me an email!

12/24/05 Update

So, recently *alot* of people have been asking me what happened to my car... and it's quite a long story for the actual details, but I'll skip to the point.

The car got a major overhaul in the Fall 04 through Spring of 05, brake swap, engine swap, and front suspension swap. Everything was done in time for the '05 Hot Rod Power Tour where the Fiero was going to join the long haulers and go from Milwaukee, WI to Orlando, FL. Engine swap was done in time, ran like a champ. Brake swap ran in to a surprise and I had to swap in tubular control arms from RCC Customs so the brakes wouldn't hit the stock lower control arm. Everything seemed to come together one week before I was to leave.

However, things didn't quite work out in the end. June 2nd, 3 days before teh Hot Rod Power Tour was depart Miller Park, tragedy struck. The driver's side tubular lower control arm broke on the road at a stop light making the car nearly impossible to drive. The control arm broke at the weld, and am amazed that a) the car stayed on the road, and b) it didn't happen sooner.

That was nearly 7 months ago, and since that date the car hasn't moved. It has sat on the lift awaiting new custom made lower control arms that never quite seem to come.

This leads me strongly warn anyone against buying critical chassis components from RCC Suspension. The welds on my control arms were welded worse then swiss cheese. I'd recommend you strong reconsider purchasing anything from RCC, and for those of you running RCC components, I suggest you immediately get under your car and check the integrity of these components.

It's pretty much a miracle that my control arm failed at a stop light at 5 mph and not 20 miles earlier on the freeway when the Semi in front of me lost it's retread and I braked hard... there would have been a massive multi car accident had it failed then. It's also a miracle that it didn't survive and fail on me 1000 miles away from home on the Hot Rod Power Tour.

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  • Fiero Pictures -- Everything the "<number>-Dump" folders are various pictures of my car in different stages. Higher number dumps 99% of the time mean newer pictures. Miscellaneous other Fieros (and parts of Fieros) that caught my eye are in the "Others" folder.
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