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Detailed Car Information for MasterTunerAkimoto

Owner Details

User ID 6
Username MasterTunerAkimoto
PFF Name MasterTunerAkimoto
Real Name unknown
Email unknown
Website dsdasd
City unknown
State Florida
Zipcode unknown

Car Details

Year 1985
Style GT
Setup Street & Race
Comments PSNB was here.

Performance Details

Fastest Quarter Mile [email protected] mph
Engine 4.9 Caddy with Nitrous
Transmission Manual Isuzu
Modifications Top Secret 4.5 RSR" 85 Fastback Builders of the Quickest Caddy Powered Fiero 11.97@119mph Blueprinted and Balanced Rotating assembly. Custom air gap intake manifold.(Done inhouse) Custom machined heads (Done Inhouse) Custom reground cam. Custo