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3800 Series II Supercharged Swap

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In light of the control arm breaking the car had quite a bit of downtime waiting for my new suspension components to be made. I got my new control arms made and the car rides realllly well. However, my alignment guy is a slap and didn't touch the camber, and didn't even look at adjusting caster. It seems that I'm going to have to slot my upper control arm to allow for acceptable caster.

As for my other problems, the transmission is slipping and will ultimatley die it seems. I tried shimming the shift accumulators and changing to type F transmission fluid, and it still slips, but the partial throttle shift points have firmed up. Looks like the only solutions are to either take my chances with a built up 4t60e for less then $500 or put in a bullet-proof 4t65e-hd and swap computers for $3k or so.

And my front brakes still greatly overpower the rear. I removed the spring in the stock proportioning valve and replaced it with one of half the spring rate hoping it would reduce the valving enough such that I could use my Wilwood proportioning valve in it's place and fine tune my brake bias. This doesn't seem to be the case. Looks like I will have to remove the entire stock proportioning assembly.


First week out with the new engine and it really moves. No problems running the following: 3.8L Series II SC (99 GTP, 28k miles), 4t60e with 3.33 FDR (97 Lumina, 120.0 miles), OBDI PCM (95 Buick Lesabre), ZZP VS cam, WCF headers, 3" exhaust (Catco cat and FlowTech muffler), 3.2" ZZP pulley.

On the down side though it seems that the tranny is slipping at WOT shifts. I may be able to save it, but I don't know.

For pictures of the build-up click here.

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