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The "tweak it till I decide I'm done" phase



Well it happened again. I got to thinking and I decided phase III has begun! 2BlueSC needs a new tranny and while I'm at I think I'll throw a few other things on to compliment the tranny. I know I shoulda listened to people and did it this way from the start... mah bad.

The research:

  1. Changes between OBD-I and OBD-II pin/circuits?
    1. Add MAP again
    2. Add additional tranny controls
    3. Add knock sensor #2
    4. Anything else?
  2. Trans mounts?
  3. What about half shafts?

The goods:

  1. First and foremost, fix the trans, switch to 4t65e-HD from ZZP
    1. ZZP tranny with 3.29, 4340 Input Shaft, 4t60e for core - $2675
    2. 2500 RPM stall TC + flex plate - $390
    3. ZZP aluminum 1.6 ratio roller rocker package + 105# springs - $550
    4. Custom halfshafts?
    5. Find 99+ ECU - $150
    6. DHP PwrTuners software - $395
  2. Slot upper control arms and get it re-aligned once and for all
  3. Alcohol injection and tuning :-D

The work:

  1. Drain fluids, Drop engine, inspect
  2. Figure out what new gaskets are needed, order
  3. Pick-up new transmission, drop off current as core
  4. Decide if need new WCF trans mount, order if needed
  5. Wire:
    1. MAP, mount on firewall
    2. Additional tranny controls
    3. Rewire to new PCM connectors (cry)
  6. Reassemble engine with new go-fast parts, mount on cradle
  7. Measure half-shaft lengths, make halfshafts

Direct all questions, comments, and suggestions to my AIM screen name @ nitroteen.